The Battle of Jersey

Battle of Jersey
Scenario and Lists for ‘Hordes of the Things’ By Paul Grace


In 1781 French forces under the Baron de Rullecourt landed in Jersey and fought the last battle on British soil. The French troops were guided ashore under cover of darkness by a Jerseyman on the run for murder. However two ships were sank on the rocks and de Rullecourt lost 200 men and all his artillery, leaving him with a force of 700 men. Despite this initial set back, de Rullecourts’s forces moved in land and captured the Lord Lieutenant of Jersey: Major Corbet. De Rullecourt convinced Corbet that a force of 4000 men had landed, and that if he did not surrender, then the Town of St Helier would be burnt to the ground. Corbet signed a document of surrender and ordered Captain Mulcaster to surrender Elizabeth Castle, and Major Francis Pierson to surrender his regiment of troops stationed at St Peters Barracks. Both these chaps were made of sterner stuff than Corbet: When de Rullecourt’s men approached Elizabeth Castle (guarding St Helier’s harbour) they were fired upon and had to withdraw. Major Pierson meanwhile assembled the Jersey Militia, some cannon and his English troops and marched upon the town. The main force moved into St Helier town square where the French were mustered, whilst Pierson led a flanking attack from the other side of the square. Both Pierson and De Rullecourt died in the fighting, but victory went to the 24 year old Pierson who became a local hero and was buried with full military honours in St Helier’s Church.

Jersey Forces

Hero general @ 4AP (Major Pierson) 1
Sneaker @ 3AP (Flanking force) 1
Artillery @ 3AP(Cannon) 1
Shooters @ 2AP (Light Infantry) 2
Warband @ 2AP (Jersey Militia) 2
Blade @ 2AP (Regular line infantry) 3

Alternative: Replace sneaker with 1 horde (townsfolk) @ 1AP and 2 lurkers (smugglers and local ambushers) @ 1AP

French Forces

Hero general @ 4AP (De Rullecourt) 4AP 1
Spear @ 2AP (French infantry) 4
Behemoth @ 4AP (French column) 2
Shooter @ 2AP (French skirmishers) 2

Stronghold: Martello Tower, gateway or Town Hall

My forces were made from old Airfix Napoleonic and AWI figures – based as 15mm.

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