Hordes of the Things

Some of my Semi-Historical Arabians in battle array.

This section is dedicated to my favourite ruleset, Hordes of the Things (or HoTT for short), written by Phil Barker, Sue Lafflin-Barker and Richard Bodley Scott.

Over a hundred of the HoTT army rosters originally featured on Alan Saunders’ keynote website The Stronghold are listed below. Huge thanks to Alan for allowing me to reproduce them here. To see more great HoTT content visit Alan’s current website The Stronghold Rebuilt.

Also included are some new army lists. I’m always happy to add more if you fancy contributing.

If you would like to suggest amendments, corrections, additions or authorship details where these are missing or incorrect, please email me at solowargamer@hotmail.com. Photos of your HoTT elements/armies would be particularly welcome.

You can access a HoTT reference sheet here.

Just click on a link below to go to the army list of your choice…

HoTT Army Lists – In Alphabetical Order

Alice In Wonderland by Alan Saunders

Alice Through The Looking Glass by Rick Wynn

Amazons by Steve Walker

American Civil War 2 by Jay Blackwood

Ancient Near East by Nigel Tallis

Anglo-Saxon Semi-Historical by John Whitbourn

Apocalyptic Judaean by Luke Ueda-Sarson

Arthur v The Nazis by Alan Saunders et al

Asoka by Alan Saunders

Australian Aboriginal by Alan Saunders

Babylon 5 by James Ewins

Bedouin by Andrew Thomas

Beowulf by Ruarigh Dale

Biggles by Rob Paul

‘B’ Movie Sci-Fi (author unknown)

Boxer Rebellion by Alan Saunders

Brachatomyomachia (Homeric Mice v Frogs) by Bernie F

Bran Mak Morn by Mike Walsh

Chicken Run by Benedict Sharrock

Clone Army (Star Wars) by John James

Clontarf by John Garvey

Cook Island Legends by David Brown

Corum (Hawkmoon Series) by Tim Drewett

Crimean War by Owen Cooper

Crockett by Chow Li

Cthulhu by James Ewins

Deadlands by John W. Vogel

Dinosaurs, Vikings & Cowboys by Ruarigh Dale

Doctor Syn by Nigel Jones

Doctor Who by Kent McClure and Alan Saunders

Don Quixote by KH Ranitzsch

Dune by Russ Jackson

Dune (alternative version) by Andrew Freeman

Dungeon Crawl by Rick Wynn

Earthsea by Alan Huyton

Endor (Star Wars) by Owen Webber

Epping Forest by Richard Crawley

Flash Gordon by Alan Saunders

Fortress (C.J.Cherryh) by Nigel Jones

Franklinian Sci-Fi by Chow Li

French Foreign Legion by Paul Grace

Garnerian Fantasy (Weirdstone of Brisingamen & Moon of Gomrath) by Richard Crawley

Glorantha by David L. Pulver

Grannies v Neo-Nazis by Jay Blackwood

Guanche (Canary Islands) by KH Ranitzsch and Antonio Santana Alonso

Hawaiian Semi-Historical by Alan Saunders

Immortal Persians by Russell Strachan

Inca by John Garvey

Insect Wars (author unknown)

Japanese Semi-Historical by Luke Ueda-Sarson

Jersey (Battle of Jersey 1781) by Paul Grace

Jurassic Hordes by Alan Saunders

Kalevala by Alan Saunders

Kalevalan Finns by Tom Viljanen

Khmer by KH Ranitzsch

Kung Fu by KH Ranitzsch

Lankhmar by Tim Drewett

Lost Continent by Chow Li

Macbeth (author unknown)

Macedonian Semi-Historical by Alan Saunders et al

Machiavellian Renaissance by Jay Blackwood

Magic: The Gathering by Carl Lomas

Manx Legends by Tim Sharrock

Maori Legends by Jay Blackwood

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (author unknown)

Mortal Engines by Alan Saunders

Moytura #1 (1st Battle Of Moytura) by Colin Hagreen

Moytura #2  (2nd Battle Of Moytura) by Alan Saunders

The Mummy (1999) by Blackwood, Grace & Gregory

Musketeers (The Three Musketeers) by Tim Drewett

Naboo (Star Wars) by John James

Narnia by Alan Saunders

NASA by Mike Walsh

The Nibelungs by KH Ranitzsch

Ninurta by Alan Saunders

Noggin The Nog by Paul Grace

Northern Lights by Alan Saunders

Nutcracker (The Nutcracker & The Mouse King) by Alan Saunders

OK Corral (Earps v Clantons) by Joel Gregory

Owain Glyndwr by Owen Webber

Oz (The Wonderful World Of Oz) by Rob Marsden

Peer Gynt by Ruarigh Dale

Peter Pan by Alan Saunders

Phantom Menace (Star Wars) by Kent McClure

Philippines (Visayan/Spanish, 16th century) by Serge Gilette

Planet Of The Apes by Owen Webber

Princess Mononoke by KH Ranitzsch

Punic Wars by Richard Bodley Scott

Ramayana by Alan Saunders

Ratmen by Paul Grace

Santa Claus by Chris Brantly

Sea Dogs by Thomas Boraud

Sea Spooks by Richard Bodley Scott

Sundjata by Alan Saunders

Tamuli by Bill Bennett

The Teutonic Order by Fleur-de-Lis

Tibetan Semi-Historical by KH Ranitzsch

Trajan’s Dacian Campaign (author unknown)

The Trolltooth Wars by Owen Cooper

The Uncertainty Principle by Jay Blackwood et al

Valusia (King Kull’s Army) by Chow Li

Warhammer Armies by James Ewins

The Warlord Of The Air (Michael Moorcock) by Jay Blackwood

The Wars Of The Roses by Kyle C. Burley

Watership Down by Tony Horobin

The Wheels Of If by Colin Hagreen

The Windsors by Alan Saunders et al

Winnie The Pooh by Barrie Lovell

Xena Warrior Princess by Alan Patrick

Zamora (Conan Series) by Chow Li

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