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March 4, 2014

Journey to the Overland

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Deano Ware has been a mainstay of the solo wargaming scene for several years, so it’s great to see that his new Kickstarter project is up and running.

Called ‘Journey to the Overland’, Deano describes it as  a “Solo Tabletop Roleplaying Game where players take on the role of characters traveling throughout the Overland in order to obtain one of the Five Weapons of Power”.

It is custom-designed for solo play: “Because Journey To The Overland is an open ended solo tabletop roleplaying game that allows players to explore and interact with the game world in almost any manner that you could in a traditional roleplaying game except Journey To The Overland lets you do it without a gamemaster.”

For further information check out the link here:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1235706284/journey-to-the-overland-a-solo-tabletop-roleplayin

More on the game:

and a short video review here:


February 18, 2014

Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends, Once More…

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It’s been around three years since my last blog post, which is quite a gap. During that time I’ve had a long break from gaming to focus on other stuff, apart from occasional head-to-head sessions with a local chum.

Now I have a bit more time on my hands I inevitably find myself turning once again to solo gaming. In truth it’s never been far from my thoughts.

In the past few weeks I’ve been planning new projects, trying out new stuff and getting some of the little fellas back onto the painting table.

I’ve tried my hand at a few games of Tusk, a neat set of solo/cooperative mammoth hunting rules from Irregular Miniatures that have been around for quite some time but which I’d never previously got around to sampling. The games were fun and it’s a system that has definite potential for adaptation and development. I’ll take some photos to upload next time I give it a whirl.

I’ve also invested in some 2mm (yes, 2mm!!!) armies from Irregular as part of a new project focusing on the re-enactment of Diadochi warfare. I’m aiming to develop my own fast play rules for these games, using a hex mat with the 2mm figure blocks. Once I’ve got the basic rules up and running I’ll work on the solo dimension of the game.

Finally, again from Irregular Miniatures, I’ve purchased a set of Riot rules. Riot is another solo/cooperative ruleset whose name is pretty self-explanatory. I’m looking forward to giving the rules a run-out once I’ve sorted out the relevant figures and buildings. Initially these will be for the medieval era, with revolting peasants trying to put one over on the lord of the manor and his brutish tax collectors.

Now that I’m back into the hobby I’m aiming to post regular updates to the blog. These will include solo wargaming ideas and scenarios, battle reports, game reviews, book reviews and of course the ever-important eye candy! I promise the next gap between posts won’t be quite as long as the last one…

Happy gaming, folks!


February 25, 2011

New Blog On The Block!

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Solo Nexus is an excellent new blog dedicated to solo gaming, covering everything from miniatures games through boardgames to RPGs. As it says on the “About” page:

“Solo Nexus is a blog dedicated to promoting the pursuit of solo tabletop gaming. Tabletop games include board games, card games, war games, and role-playing games (RPGs). These games may or may not have been originally designed to be played solo…

Players are enthusiastically invited to share their personal stories, philosophies, reviews of new products, solo rules adaptations, actual play reports and pictures, or observations on solo play on the blog as contributed postings.”

Sections include a “Soloists Bookshelf” and a “Soloists Toybox”, and main blog articles include interviews, resources and tools for the solo player, and news about forthcoming releases.

Solo Nexus is a good read and a very welcome addition to websites catering for the solo gamer. Highly recommended!

Click here to go to Solo Nexus.

January 26, 2010

Solo DBA – New Frontiers!

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I was really chuffed to discover recently that there’s a new Yahoo Group dedicated to revising and expanding the rules for solo DBA. Richard and Dale, who started the group up, are putting some serious thought and work into producing a powerful successor to the rather rudimentary solo options for DBA that have been available to date. In fact their two contrasting approaches are likely to produce two rather different end products, which can only be a good thing! If DBA or ancient solo play in general is your bag then check out the group and take part in the project: http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/soloDBAdevelopment/

July 13, 2009

New Links Added

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I’ve just added links to a couple of excellent wargames blogs. First up is Mark Davies’ Hesperiana blog, which mainly features Mark’s HoTT and DBA gaming, campaigning and armies. Secondly I’ve added a link to  Robin Sutton’s Wargamingnz blog, which currently showcases an inspiring ‘Lost Worlds’ HoTT campaign. Neither blog is specifically about solo wargaming but both are full of ideas and well worth a visit. Both blogs are New Zealand based – nice to see that wargaming is flourishing there!

May 2, 2009

Featherstone Classic Back In Print

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I’ve recently received my copy of the new edition of Don Featherstone’s classic ‘Solo Wargaming’. Originally published way back in 1973, this book was long available only via eBay and specialist outlets at the sort of prices that would make your eyes water. This shiny new edition has been edited and produced by John Curry of John Curry Events, and can be had for the very reasonable sum of £12.95 plus shipping. It includes all sixty original illustrations, and is well worth the cover price. Although very much ‘of its time’, it’s an essential addition to the solo wargamer’s bookshelf.

John Curry is in the process of publishing new editions of many classic books and rule sets by Don Featherstone and other early pioneers. Check out his website for full details.

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