Grannies v Neo-Nazis


A Woman Hitting a Neo-Nazi With Her Handbag  is a photograph taken in Växjö, Sweden on 13 April 1985 by Hans Runesson. It depicts Danuta Danielsson hitting a marching neo-Nazi with a handbag. This HoTT list is loosely inspired by the photo, and is dedicated to the memory of Danuta, who died a few years after the photo was taken. And yes, I know she probably wasn’t actually a granny! For more information, click here.


Hero General x 1 Danuta Danielsson swinging her handbag 4 points

Knights x 2 Grannies on mobility scooters 4 points

Blades x 2 Grannies with knitting needles 4 points

Warband x 4 Grannies wielding walking sticks, frying pans etc. 8 points

Shooter x 1 Grannies throwing boiled sweets 2 points

Beasts x 1 Granny walking small dogs in assorted dog jackets 2 points

Stronghold: Park benches set around a bandstand or ornamental flower bed

Alternatives: Flyers (Grannies on broomsticks); Magician (Granny giving pocket money to small child)


Cleric x 1 Smartly dressed orator with thuggish ‘minders’ 3 points

Warband x 6 ‘Uniformed’ skinheads with baseball bats, razors etc. 12 points

Horde x 9 Less ‘committed’ fascists in ordinary street clothes 9 points

Stronghold: Bierkeller, or street section with open sewer cover (garnish liberally with rats)

Alternatives: Magician (Alt-Right keyboard warrior or yellow press journalist stirring up xenophobic sentiment from afar – thanks for the idea Dex McH!)