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March 9, 2011

À Bas Les Rosbifs Part Deux

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This scenario/battle report follows on from the previous one, a couple of posts down. As before, I command the French and the decisions of the English commander are determined by a “percentage probability” dice throw. This works by looking at the various options available and weighting them as to how a decent general would choose to act, then dicing for the actual decision; in this game, the actions of each separate “battle” of the English line are diced for.

Both sides have now reformed their lines, giving the following layout:

Turn One: I move the Gendarmes on my right to outflank the English on the hill, and advance my Pike & Shot lines in the centre towards the enemy. The English general, aware that he needs to protect his Levies, advances his Landsknechts (who have some surviving Bill & Bow units at the end of their line) towards my oncoming infantry; he makes some minor adjustments to the dispositions of the troops protecting his camp to counter the move by my Gendarmes; and he throws the mixed units on his right flank towards my left (which is a little weaker); the Levies hold their position.

Turn Two: My left flank holds its position while I continue to advance in the centre, and my Gendarmes continue their manoeuvre on my far right. The English commander gets an attack of the jitters – or perhaps his troops do – all along the line, and their advance judders to a halt!

Turns Three and Four: The main action is in the centre of the battlefield, where the Landsknechts and the handful of remaining English take heavy losses against my Pike & Shot. On my left flank the two sides face each other but don’t advance into combat; on my right, the demonstration by my Gendarmes succeeds in immobilising the troops guarding the English camp.

Turn Five: The English centre continues to fragment. In response the English commander finally throws his Levies into the battle – they join the rest of his right flank in an advance on my left.

Turn Six: My centre grinds to a halt and provides the Landsknechts with a chance to regroup their depleted forces. Checked for morale, a number of the English Levies flee, but the remainder advance along with the English right against my left flank; in addition, some Levies armed with arquebuses succeed in shooting down one of my Gendarme units!

Turns Seven and Eight: The remnants of the Landsknechts in the centre – around half their original strength – succeed in regrouping and halting my advance. The Levies take heavy casualties but have held up my Pike & Shot column on my left flank, while on my far left the English are having by far the better of the combats. On my right, the Gendarmes are almost within charge distance of the English camp.

Turns Nine to Eleven: A single unit of German Shot hold off my Gendarmes’ attack on the camp, while some of my Pikes detach themselves from the centre to attack the camp from the other side. In the centre the Landknechts continue to hold their ground, while the English are still having the better of the fighting on my left and centre left. It’s turning into an extremely bloody – and rather indecisive – battle!

Turns Twelve to Fourteen: My Pikes and Gendarmes finally succeed in taking the English camp, but across the rest of the battlefield my battered troops are in retreat! The English resolve – combined with some lucky dice throws – has served to inflict such heavy losses on my troops that I have no option but to sound the retreat. Still, at least we’ve got some booty to carry back to our ships…before we head back to France!


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