New Blog On The Block!

Solo Nexus is an excellent new blog dedicated to solo gaming, covering everything from miniatures games through boardgames to RPGs. As it says on the “About” page:

“Solo Nexus is a blog dedicated to promoting the pursuit of solo tabletop gaming. Tabletop games include board games, card games, war games, and role-playing games (RPGs). These games may or may not have been originally designed to be played solo…

Players are enthusiastically invited to share their personal stories, philosophies, reviews of new products, solo rules adaptations, actual play reports and pictures, or observations on solo play on the blog as contributed postings.”

Sections include a “Soloists Bookshelf” and a “Soloists Toybox”, and main blog articles include interviews, resources and tools for the solo player, and news about forthcoming releases.

Solo Nexus is a good read and a very welcome addition to websites catering for the solo gamer. Highly recommended!

Click here to go to Solo Nexus.