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May 5, 2010

Rattlin’ Bones!

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I recently played another variant on the ‘static defence’ theme, with an Undead army led by two Magicians facing a heroic ‘Arabian Nights’ force. This is how they lined up (the Undead are at the bottom of the picture):

Here are the Undead in more detail, with Hordes supported by the two Magicians and some Warbands, plus reinforcements off-table:

And here are the Arabians, consisting of a core of Spears plus a unit of Knights, a Flyer, a Shooter, a Behemoth and a Rider General:

The rules were similar to those used previously, but with provision for the following random Undead reinforcements (throwing on a D6):

1 -2 : Witches (Flyer)

3 – 4: Pumpkin Head (Sneaker)

5 : Ghosts (Warbands x 2 elements)

6 : Undead Charioteer (Hero)

As things panned out the Arabians proved far too strong for the Undead Hordes, cutting through them easily and getting to the Magicians before they could do any serious damage. An Undead Sneaker (old Pumpkin Head himself) belatedly arrived on the Arabian flank, but the Undead general had neither the time nor the pips to bring him into the action. So, a fun game but a little one-sided in the end!


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