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March 29, 2010

Sons of a Lion of Scythia

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This guest post is by Jeff Herbert of the Hong Kong Society Of Wargamers . It sets out a really neat ancients micro campaign based around a pair of rather unfraternal Scythian brothers! Although this is not designed as a solo game it nonetheless contains lots of useful material and can easily be tweaked to play solo and to be used with other rulesets. All of the following material is © Jeff Herbert. Thanks for an excellent article Jeff!

The ‘Sons of a Lion of Scythia’ is a mini campaign intended to achieve a result in one day of gaming.   It is played by three main contenders and a number of other players to use the opposing armies.


The ‘Old King’ of Scythia, known as the ‘Lion of Scythia’ is dying, and among his sons are three that are exceptionally bolder and better than the rest.  The King knows full well that when he dies Scythia will be split by warring factions.  So he decides it is better to pick his successor now, but to do so by clearly eliminating any contenders. The King sets a task for his three sons.  They are to raid south of Scythia, each with an army of equal size but chosen by them.  The son that returns with the greatest booty will be acclaimed heir.   They may return at any time but the result will await the last to return, or news of his demise.  There are no other rules.


Each Scythian player starts with 120 points DBMM (supplied by me).
Each player throws a D6.
Result: 1: Army Size Dwindles
Result: 2: Army Size Increases
Result: 3: Army Movement
Result: 4: Pillage
Result: 5: Battle
Result: 6: Battle

For each result, throw a D6 again.

Score______ 1                   2                       3                  4                  5                  6
Army –        -2 base        -2 base         -1 base        -1 base       1 Dismount  1 Dismount
Army +       +1 base       +2 base        +3 base       +1 Ally     +2 Ally               +3 Ally
Move            Miss Go      Miss Go      ———–Re-throw first dice Again——–
Pillage          5 Gold         10 Gold        15 Gold      20 Gold     25 Gold         30 Gold ***
Battle (5)    140                130              120              120             100                 80
Battle (6)    80 SV            100 LV      120 ST         120 ST       130 LT           140 SC

*** Gold is multiplied by the result of a D6 for final loot.  For each 10 gold gathered throw 1 D6, score of 1 indicates 1 base lost whilst looting.

On winning battle Scythians get 5 gold for each ME of the enemy that is destroyed.

SV/LV Small village Large Village ST/LT Small Town Large Town S/C Small City : this denotes battle takes place outside one of these. If Scythians win they also loot the village/town/city.

Gold: SV = 5, LV = 10, ST = 20, LT = 100, SC = 250, all multiplied by score of D6.

Scythians may attempt to avoid battle, throw 1 D6. Score:
1: Must Fight
2: Must Fight
3: Avoids (throw for each base lost on a score of 1)
4: Avoids (throw for every 2 bases, 1 base lost on a score of 1)
5: Avoids but may turn to ambush enemy.
6: Avoids but may turn to ambush reduced enemy. (D6 each pip = -10 ME in bases lost to enemy)

Avoiding a battle outside a village, town or city means that they cannot be looted even if later defeating the enemy.


On a roll of a D6 the following enemy is faced, if two enemy are listed dice again 1,2,3 or 4,5,6.

1: Urartians (1) or Elamites (2)
2: Assyrians (3) or Babylonians (2)
3: Hebrew (1) or Philistines (1)
4: Midianites (2) or Medes (1)
5. Saitic Egyptian (3)
6. Kushites (1)

The figure in brackets denotes the number of field armies available, ie: each 140 points of DBMM.  None of these armies can repair themselves during the campaign.  So the more they are attacked the weaker they become.  If more than one brother fights the same enemy in a turn, they will fight the enemy available. This could mean 1-2-3 Scythian v 1, 1 Scythian v 1 x 1 or 2-3 Scythian v 2-3 on same battlefield. An enemy that is less than 50% of Scythian strength never fights but automatically cedes 100 Gold in tribute (to be shared if necessary).


Scythians could choose their retainers but not their siblings.  The sons are from three different mothers and all equally ambitious.  They are all rated brilliant, if they lose more than 1 battle they are rated normal. They of course have feelings for each other which range from hate to pure contempt.  After each battle they pick up a chance card.  This card gives them various options if they are ever in the same area as another brother.

If on any go two or more brothers miss a go or successfully avoid battle they are deemed to have fallen back on the same area.  In doing so one or more may choose to fight.  If they choose to do so their retainers may not all be so willing as they are.  The umpire has a separate chart for this.

Click here to download Umpire’s Notes (Word document).


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