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February 27, 2010

Meet the Neighbours Part 4 – Normans v Picts

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Henry chooses a force of three Knights, two Spears, four Blades and three Bows to face the Picts. The Pictish general, who takes the role of defender and is designated Cautious, fields the standard army of a Cavalry General, two Light Horse, three Psiloi and six Spears. The Normans deploy with a large marsh on their left flank, garrisoning their camp with a unit of Spears in view of the presence of the Picts’ Light Horse and Psiloi. The Picts have their right flank covered by a large area of impassable terrain, with another smaller impassable area on their left, which however has room inbetween its edge and the edge of the battlefield for a single element to advance (NB Click on images below to view larger versions):

The Picts group most of their army on the centre right of the battlefield, with a Spear unit supported by Psiloi advancing to close the gap on their left which might otherwise expose them and their camp to a flanking manouevre:

The Normans advance with their infantry facing the Picts and their Knights in reserve, apart from a single unit which will try to break through against the Pictish defenders holding the ‘pass’ on the Norman right:

As the main forces in the centre move closer, Henry sends a unit of Bows to support his flanking Knights, while the Pictish general looks on with understandable concern. The Knights fail, however, to break through against determined Pictish resistance:

The two main battle lines advance:

As they clash, Norman Blades in the centre and Henry with his Knights on the right of the line threaten to overwhelm the lighter Picts:

The Picts fall back as two units of Spears are destroyed:

On the Pictish right a unit of Light Horse falls prey to Norman archery:

It’s all over! The remaining Light Horse are shot down as the Pictish general dithers, and Henry’s men have won the day without losing a single unit:

It’s been a good day’s work for Henry’s Normans. They’ve added 100 gold pieces to their war chest, and morale is high.

At the end of Campaign Turn Five, Henry has a war chest of 250 gold pieces and a remaining force of seventeen elements. His brother Robert also has 250 gold pieces, but he is down to just fifteen army elements.



  1. Looking forward to hearing about the solo mechanisms you used on the Solo DBA forum. đŸ™‚

    Comment by Dale Hurtt — February 27, 2010 @ 3:03 pm

  2. Hi Dale, not much to report really, I used the same set of “fuzzy” solo rules as I did for the last game. I’m enjoying the use of percentage dice to determine which available strategy the NPG goes for – it slows the game down slightly, but it avoids some of the daft decisions that the original DBS game engine occasionally produced!
    Cheers, Jay.

    Comment by Jay — February 28, 2010 @ 9:25 pm

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