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February 20, 2010

Meet the Neighbours Part 3 – Normans v Ratmen

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Robert chooses a predominantly infantry army to face his Ratman opponents, consisting of a Knight General, another Knight, two Spears, four Blades and four Shooters (bows). He decides not to call on the services of his court Magician for this battle. NB Click on the images below to go to a larger view.

The Ratman general is a cautious sort, and deploys defensively, with the rough going on his right protected by three Beast elements, and his cavalry (Ratmen mounted on wolves) covering the left flank; he positions his Blades in the centre and holds his own cavalry unit in reserve.

Robert advances with his Spears and Blades in the centre, his left consisting of an element of Knights and two Shooters, and his right consisting of two elements of Shooters – they are a gamble given that they’re facing two Rider elements.

Robert soon looses one of his Shooters to the Ratman cavalry, leaving his right flank exposed:

However, he has time to move a unit of Blades across to cover the gap, and moves up himself to threaten the enemy left:

The struggle on this flank will be crucial to the outcome of the battle. Robert and a supporting unit of Blades engage the enemy cavalry:

Meanwhile, Robert’s archers take out  a unit of Beasts on his left flank:

In the centre Robert’s Spears are proving to be a weak link, as the Ratman halberdiers begin to slice through their ranks:

Another unit of Beasts falls prey to the Norman archers:

Meanwhile Robert’s knights and Blades slowly press the enemy cavalry back:

Things are looking good for Robert’s men on the flanks with the enemy cavalry finally despatched, but another unit of Spears is lost in the centre, which is in danger of crumbling:

At this point, with another unit of Norman archers destroyed on the left flank by enemy bowmen, both sides have lost four elements and the game is in the balance. Robert however seizes the initiative, sweeping round the enemy flank to charge into the Ratman general, whose cautious tactics have left him dangerously exposed:

The enemy general puts up a brave fight, while his Blades in the centre threaten to win the day for him, but eventually he is ridden down by Robert and his knights:

It’s been a bloody battle, with many slain on both sides, but Robert and his men have just about managed to carry the day. While his centre threatened to buckle, Robert managed to carry out a successful flanking maneouvre, and in the end that proved decisive:

The Outcome

Robert wins 100 gold pieces as tribute from the cowed Ratmen, increasing his war chest to 250 gold pieces. He is also fortunate in that he recovers three of his four lost units. One unit of Spearmen is however gone for good…no doubt the Ratmen are happily gnawing on their bones!

Battle Notes

This battle was fought using the HoTT ruleset, as the Ratmen are a HoTT army. I used my own ‘fuzzy’ solo rules variant, which I’ll describe in my next post, to spice up the battle.


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