Meet The Neighbours – Part Two

Campaign Turn One

Robert: Throws a 4. Robert’s army crosses barren lands. No effect.

Henry: Throws a 6. Easy plunder. 50 gold pieces are handed over by frightened locals, swelling Henry’s funds to 150 gold pieces.

Campaign Turn Two

Robert: Throws a 2. Robert isn’t having much luck. Disease sets in, with the result that he loses two elements, which are selected at random (excluding HoTT elements). Two units of Crossbowmen fall sick and die.

Henry: Throws a 1, which results in an element of Knights deserting.

Attrition is already taking its toll, and neither brother has had a chance to prove his valour on the battlefield as yet!

Campaign Turn Three

Robert: Throws a 4. Robert’s army continues to cross barren land.

Henry: Throws a 3. Henry’s army gets bogged down in difficult terrain and must miss the next turn.

Campaign Turn Four

Robert: Throws a 6. Easy plunder, and at last some good fortune! Robert increases his war chest to 150 gold pieces.

Henry: Misses this turn (see above).

Campaign Turn Five

Robert: Throws an 8. At last, an enemy force is sighted! They’re an unsavoury looking bunch though – half human, half rodent. Ratmen!

Henry: Throws a 10. Like his brother, Henry suddenly finds his way barred by a hostile force. At least his opponents are human though – he faces a Pictish army.

My next post will include battle reports, photos and outcomes for both brothers…

NB As this is the first campaign I’ve written up I’m going to try to keep the account quite spare and functional, so that it’s easy to follow for any newbies who fancy giving the micro campaign approach a try. See earlier posts for an outline of the campaign rules, especially here.