Meet The Neighbours – Part One

Following on from my first micro campaign, I’m about to set off on another adventure using the rough and ready ideas set out in my earlier post ‘Micro Campaigning Part II’. This new campaign will be set in an imaginary world where Dark Age human societies rub shoulders with the weird and the wonderful. I’ll be using my own experimental solo version of the DBA/HoTT rules (an embryonic and rather impressionistic set of ideas based around ‘percentage probability’). I’ll keep you posted as the campaign develops and include some pictures of the battles.

The campaign begins when Duke Bohemund sends his two sons, Robert and Henry, out to explore the hidden realms bordering his lands. He who returns with the heaviest coffers will win his father’s favour, and the succession to the dukedom.

Robert and Henry both set out with armies equivalent to 18 DBA elements (i.e. one a half field armies each). Each force (loosely based on the DBA Norman army list) consists of the following: 4 Knights, 4 Spears, 6 Crossbowmen/Archers and 4 Swordsmen. In addition, Robert takes his mentor and necromancer Hugh along with him (a Magician in HoTT terms). Henry prefers to trust in religion in the event that he stumbles across any fantastical enemies, and makes sure that he is accompanied by his priest Walter (a HoTT Cleric); he also adds his beautiful but treacherous courtesan Agnes to his retinue (a Lurker). Robert’s Magician, and Henry’s Cleric and Lurker, are additional elements that may only be deployed if HoTT opponents are encountered on their travels. Their use is optional. When facing a HoTT enemy one of the Knight elements may be re-designated as a Hero. In all such cases the battlefield points total must not amount to more than 24 AP.

Robert heads west, while his brother Henry sets off eastwards. The brothers each carry a war chest of 100 gold pieces. Neither has any idea as to what he might encounter.

We, however, know better. The surrounding lands are peopled by a mixture of human and magical tribes. The foes that the two brothers might stumble across include Saxons, Welsh, Irish, Vikings, Slavs, Rus, Carolingians, Picts, Ratmen, Dragon Lords, Undead, Hill Dwarves, Wood Elves, Werewolves and Lizardmen. Their journeys will be perilous, but the potential rewards are great…