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June 12, 2009

Lone Warrior

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Lone Warrior

Getting back into solo wargaming after many years’ absence, I was really pleased to find that Lone Warrior is still in production. I came across it years ago when I first got into the hobby, and found that although it didn’t match the production standards of the glossy wargames mags it more than compensated by providing a wealth of  content packed with inspiring ideas for the solo gamer. Lone Warrior is produced in the US these days (see below for details), and has expanded to A4 format. I sent my subscription off to Rich Barbuto in Leavenworth KS and received the latest (April/June) issue not long after.

The bigger format makes the magazine a lot easier to read than the old version was, and this issue has articles covering everything from full scale ancient wargaming using Armati Persians and Palmyrans, through to modern tactical air combat. Along the way there are pieces on Bob Stewart’s ongoing colonial campaign (featuring extensive use of the Mythic game engine), an ACW ironclads scenario and ruleset, a skirmish game featuring Aztecs versus Conquistadors, a Napoleonics ruleset, a quick guide to making your own 6mm armies, notes on constructing an ACW campaign, and a discussion forum.

Of particular interest to me was Jim Zylka’s article on ‘Enemy Behaviour In Action’, which describes in detail the way he has modelled the typical behaviour of a Swiss force of the Renaissance period during battle. Jim has come up with a set of possible deployments and battlefield behaviours which enable the solo player to field the Swiss as an ‘automated’ opponent capable of providing a decent game, based on his own research into the actual tactics of Swiss armies of this period. This is a fascinating approach to solo play which, as Jim points out himself, could be extended to other armies and other periods. His article has inspired me to start looking into the possibility of adding a small Swiss army to my Italian Wars collection!

In fact there is something for everyone in Lone Warrior, and I can warmly recommend it to other solo wargamers. For subscription details contact Solo Wargamers Association, 1707 Ridge Road, Leavenworth, KS 66048, USA. Alternatively, email: lonewarrior@kc.rr.com


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