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May 11, 2009

A Touch Of Magic #2

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This scenario turned out to be quite a tough one! I ran the game three times, and the first two battles were ignominious defeats for my Lizardmen, as they found their line fragmented and weakened by the time they charged home. Third time lucky though, and here are some pics recording the fight. Above, the battle lines clash. Below, while my left flank has crumbled my behemoths in the centre have held their position, and the knights on my right have pushed the enemy’s magician general back to his baseline:


The magician general loses the combat, and flees the battlefield, leaving my knights triumphant and in a good position to roll up the enemy flank:


On the far right of my line a couple of units of knights surround the enemy blades, while in the centre another knight unit approaches the rear of the spearmen targeted by my behemoth general:


My general forces the spearmen to recoil, and they die on the lances of the knights. Yes, HOTT players out there will recognise that I resorted to the ‘buttocks of death’ manoeuvre in order to wrap up the victory!

This scenario provided a good, fast battle with the outcome finely balanced. It’s ripe for adaptation and development, both in terms of period (for example with guns replacing the magicians), scale (from 24 point-a-side HOTT to a full scale wargame), and complexity (any number of additional factors can be added in to the mix to pose more problems for the solo player). The basic notion of a ‘programmed’ defender and a player-controlled attacking force offers endless possibilities for the solo gamer.


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